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  • After 42 years of playing with radios, ham, broadcast, tv-bc, satellite, military, and 38 years with mainframe down to laptop and a few embeddded smaller systems, seemed like time ..
  • Hunt up some really small radio, network, computer interfaces.
  • If the cell phone people with their economic objectives can impinge into this area, we can too.

The Question

Posted this enquiry to .. a managed mailing list try .. help to get on...  Back to Radio   Back to

 Everett wrote:  
 Subject: Re: What is the b-mark [benchmark] small affordable Host ?

 To build a router, radio interface, spread spectrum intreface on
 "small FreeBSD" has there been a [study] of what is the smallest
 "hardware platform" 386, 486, X86 m-board, FlashDisk, power supply
 that can be assembled in the small footprint, dollar and [..] power
 consumption model.

 I have seen a PC in a cigar box somewhere .. but didn't think it
 was low power ..

And SO ..

 Looks like the makings of an other web page .. for now it will have
 to go into the area ..

 ... Hope to participate in the search for the really small PC
 Host for router / dsss / dgps / data radio gadget box ..
  I will appreciate your help in the criteria department ..

Criteria ..

  • Watts / Milliwatts - ( active | sleeping )
  • CPU
  • Volatile memory ( amount, types )
  • NV Memory ( amount, types )
  • Single board, bus,
  • included I/o devs

  • More ???

    Thanks for the help getting started ..
          Send email to Everett

    The Replies and Leads

    From the majordomo managed list:   freebsd-small@FreeBSD.ORG

  • Credit and Thanks to: "Michael S. O'Donnell" and
  • Credit and Thanks to: John Oram
    On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 02:53:56PM -0500, Michael S. O'Donnell wrote:
    > I'm working on a similar project, in all my spare time with the
    > added requirements of a small nfs.  radio interface is in the
    > future.  my budget is nil.  I'll be researching Mr. Oram's
    > recommendations and will add a few of my own.  please keep 
    > the list updated with your progress.
    > thanks,
    > Michael S. O'Donnell
    > Sources I've come across:
    On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 10:05:00AM -0800, John Oram wrote:
    We have a [ .. ] board that has always been used in PC laptops and
    wireline telco in field locations. The boards design has evolved to
    the point where we are also thinking along the same lines of your
    email below.
    If my previous email didn't have enough ideas. Send me one directly
    and I'll look up some of the other places that might be helpful.
    John Oram
    Sacramento, CA
    Later ..
    On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 10:00:47AM -0800, John Oram wrote:
    Some places to look are:
    JumpTec DimmPC
    Cell Computing, Inc. CardPC
    Epson Electronics Card-PC
    CompuLab i960 micro-cards and a new 486-based one.
    ZF Micro 386-based PC-on-chip, claimed price is $50, claimed shipping is in Jan. 2000
    Take a look at the work at Stanford University with their
    Matchbox PC & Matchbox server
    Also look at for possibly the "smallest web server" around.
    John Oram
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